YouMoney accounts name edits not sticking

Hi everyone,

So I have my accounts named after the suffix number and then topic (001 - spending, 002 - rent & power, 003 - netflix & broadband. ,tc). I do this just to keep it looking easy on the eye and easy to track.

Now, there are two accounts that just won’t stick to my format no matter how many times I edit them. I type “004 - Gas”, it’ll stay that way until I log out. Log back in - it comes up as “Gas”. Write “004 - Petrol”, stays, log out/log in, it comes up “Petrol”.

First world problem, I know, lol…it just bugs the hell out of me, lol.

Is there any tips to make the edit permanent, please?.

Thank you.

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having issues nicknaming your accounts! So we can identify what’s stopping you from saving these nicknames and you feel comfortable please pm us your access number and well see what we can do! - Adina.

If you are using mobile app, absolutely no idea… but on a computer/laptop you can drag and drop them into the order that you want. Easy Peasy.