YouMoney accounts - change the suffix?


Have closed some YouMoney accounts (3 and 5 out of 7). Is there an option or way to change the suffix of the remaining accounts so that it’s in numerical sequence?.

I just want it to look pretty again, hahaha.


Hey @nativewun, to have the suffix changed the existing accounts will all need to be closed and then opened again. Closing all the accounts would mean restarting the process you originally went through to sign up for an account with BNZ, which usually takes close to an hour. Or, if you’re verified with RealMe you can apply online to have it reopened. Not the easiest process to go through to change the suffix numbers I’m afraid. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile: Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

Cool, thanks for taking the time to answer. All good, I’ll leave it alone and get over it, hehe. Am a new customer (2nd bank ever), so it was quiet nice seeing everything all fresh and new hence the question.
Should be more worried about the numbers INSIDE the account rather than the end of it aye, lol.

Thanks again.

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No worries! Definitely worth asking, anyway :slight_smile:

On the subject of ‘looking pretty’ is it possible, in the next round of updates, to allow one to rearrange the order in which the accounts are listed when one chooses the list lay out? I’d like them in order based on suffix with the -000 account at the top and going down sequentially.