Wrong number entered into account

gave a person who owed me money wrong bank number,he claimed that bnz is looking into it the fraud dept have been involved and the bank will require statement from person money was deposited into by accident,what timeframe would one expect an update or resolution,why would fraud dept be involved if it is a numerical mistake when depositing money,any help would be gratefully received,i have been waiting nearly 5 weeks.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your current situation! If a payment made from a BNZ account was made incorrectly we can carry out a Credit Recovery. This is not a process that guarantees we can retrieve the funds and it is at a cost. A Credit Recovery can take up to 5 working days to process. I suggest following up with the Payee as we would provide them with an outcome. Hope this helps! - Adina.

How much is a credit recovery

Hi Char, thanks for your question! The credit recovery has a set fee of $75. Please note that this fee is charged at the start of the process whether the recovery is successful or not. ^Kris