Wrong money Transfer

I purchased an Item at the fb store however upon copy and pasting the account number the last 3 numbers (083) end up to be 08 and without noticing. The payment was done. Just wondering, will I able to have the money back into my account?
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Saisha86 It all depends on what the receiving banks does. Seeing as you got the bank, branch and account number correct and it was only the suffix that was incorrect, that bank may do one of 3 things.
Firstly if that customer has an 08 suffix then the payment will get applied to that account as it met the instructions, if they do not have an 08 they may apply to the 83 suffix or they may apply to another suffix the customer has. The other option that bank may take is to return those funds to the remitter.
I hope this helps.

Thank you for the help and info…