WINZ/MSD/Social Welfare annoyance

These pricks are so frustratingly stupid.
Monday 31st Jan @ 09:45am I called WINZ and changed my SUFFIX number, for my benefit payments (starting with first payment due that evening, Mon 31st Jan) cut off time was 12pm as that’s when their payments are automatically issued.
The MSD staff member I spoke with had withdrew my “automated” payment and instead made the benefit payment, manually to the new suffix acc.
She still managed to pay it into the wrong/old SUFFIX account.

Three days later, Payment reversed and I was advised today that the payment had been reissued to the correct suffix account and I should receive it by 00:00 (midnight) or thereabouts.

12hrs later still nothing.
Nothing nothing nothing.

Hi @Teetee09 Has the payment come into your account yet?
If not you possibly might need to contact WINZ again and find out what’s happening with this payment and why it hasn’t arrived yet. I do suggest getting them to check the account number once more and make sure they are using your new suffix.