Will a change in credit card expiry date affect my direct debit/s?

In most cases, your direct debits will be unaffected by a change in expiry date. However, we can’t give 100% guarantee, because part of it depends on how the company you’re paying has set up your direct debit.

For example, the company you’re paying (insurance, power, water bill etc… ) should have set up your direct debit as being a ‘regular’ payment, which our systems will recognise. If your provider has done this, our system sees this and if it’s just the expiry date that’s changed, the payment will go through. We understand this is tricky for our customers, because you (and we) can’t see how this is set up.

In short, everything should be fine, but we think it’s better to be safe than sorry so you should contact the companies you have a direct debit with and let them know your new expiry date