Why do I have to deal with the small business team for mortgage

I feel like I’m being punished for being self employed. While going through the process of building for the last year, we’ve dealt with 4 different people, all from the small business team just because I’m self employed, but who clearly know nothing about mortgages. Only the first person we’ve actually met. She came to our house, explained everything and got us approved. Then she disappeared and the small business team got restructured to a distant team and apparently I can’t talk to anyone face to face now. Since then we’ve dealt with 3 different people, mostly by email because I don’t even have a direct line for anyone now. Our latest person can’t even write a coherent email and clearly has no knowledge of how numbers should be formatted. After finally giving up, we decided to go into a bank to try and actually talk to someone, only to be put in a room in front of a TV to talk to someone new again, who we couldn’t see. Most of the call was spent explaining our situation again. We got nowhere in the end. As a business owner I’d really like to trust that my bank is looking out for me, but this just isn’t the case anymore with bnz.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us. I’m really sorry to hear about the ‘back and forth’ dealings you’ve had with several of our Small Business Staff. I appreciate that this might have been frustrating for you and that having one person to deal with would be more suitable. I’d like to get this sorted for you moving forward. Do you have a Facebook account to send us a private message with your access number and contact details (if you feel comfortable)? Regards, Alyssia