Why can I not search my Payees?

Hi Team

Not only do I seem to have no way at all to search payees which just seems like the most obvious and simple of things to do but the order in which they go into makes no sense. They appear neither by date or in alphabetical order? Can you please explain how you can find someone to pay easily as this has even resulted in me adding Payee’s more than once.

anyone got an answer for this as the transactions look strange and are missing… im chasing people that say they have paid but I have no proof and cant release their goods?

Your question made me go and look at my payees. So, this is what I found… under Quick Pay it appears random. However, thinking about it probably in the order that I created them. But… BUT… if you go to All Payees they appear in alphabetical order. Well they do on my log in. Hope this helps you.