What Are The Odds of Someone Guessing Your PIN?

For day three of International Fraud Awareness Week we’d like to discuss a topic that is very close to our hearts! There are 10,000 possible combinations that digits 0-9 can be arranged in to form a 4-digit PIN. So, the chances of someone being able to guess your PIN are pretty slim! However, if you disclose your PIN to someone, then that’s a different story. It’s important to remember that if you give anyone your PIN, including your husband, wife, partner, child, auntie, cousin, best friend, neighbour and so on, you will breach our Standard Terms and Conditions under Section 6; ‘PINs, Passwords and Voice Identification’.

Here are our top tips for PIN security:

  1. Do not tell anyone your PIN.
  2. Never write your PIN down.
  3. Do not make your PIN obvious for example, your date of birth or consecutive numbers.
  4. Do not make your PIN the same as any other PIN that you use on any other card or device.
  5. Always cover your PIN when entering it into an ATM, EFTPOS terminal, computer, mobile phone or any other device.

If you suspect that someone has used your card and PIN without your authorisation, or if you have any other concerns regarding the security of your PIN or BNZ accounts, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 ASK BNZ (275 269).

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