Westpact to BNZ transfer?

A friend transferred money from their Westpac account into my BNZ account on Saturday (Jan 19 2019) at 12:55 AM. When can I expect the money to appear on my account?

Also, I called the bank the other day to block my card as I had lost it. Does that also affect my online bank account? Thanks!

Raewyn… transactions ONLY happen Mondays to Fridays. Even though branches may be open on a Saturday.

So, as your friend did it on a Saturday, the money should transfer from the Westpac account overnight on the following Monday and should (I stress should) be there on the Tuesday. Also, if a transfer happens on Friday, because the next day is Saturday nothing happens until Sunday night when it transfers to the recipient bank and customer’s bank account and shows up on, again, the Monday.

This information is available on every banks website. Suggest you actually read some of the relevant info.

Hi there, thanks for your message. Depending on Westpac’s processing times, you may receive the payment today (21 January 2019), however, I would allow up to 1 business day for the payment to be processed. In regards to blocking your card, you will still be able to transfer funds in and out of your account. Thanks, Alyssia