Westpac to bnz transfure

Hi im just wanting to know when a paymet from a westpac account will show up into a bnz account as a payment from a westpac account was made yesterday and it hasnt showen up in a bnz account yet ?

If anyone could help that will be great

Hi morra

This can depend on many factors including how the payment was made (one off payment, bill payment, automatic payment etc) and at what time the payment was sent.

Typically payments between the major NZ banks that are sent between 7am - 10pm on weekdays, would arrive within 3 hours.

If there is any delay it’s best to check the account number entered is correct (especially the suffix)

If the payment has been made in error to the wrong account, please have the sender follow up with their bank

I dont understand. I had been wanting a BNZ transfer from my NZ account to my WESTPAC account in Australia! Not from Westpac to BNZ!

Jannel40 Because you are transferring from NZD to AUD you will need to complete an International Telegraphic Transfer. You can look on your internet banking and see what is available or go into one of our stores and organise that through one of the helpful staff.

Am unable to access by internet my accounts as I was suspended due to my tablet skipping whilst trying to log in. Therefore I was suspended and still remain suspended. At the time I was in Vietnam and India. I have returned to Australia and will try from here?