Welcome to BNZ Advantage

BNZ Advantage is a new way of recognising you for your total banking relationship with BNZ.

It’s about the freedom to choose cash rewards or Fly Buys as it suits you. It also includes access to a gallery of premium products and offers available to BNZ Advantage members, in addition to over 2,500 existing Fly Buys rewards. You’ll be able to enjoy shopping, offers, upgrades, travel, dining, indulgence and once-in-a-lifestyle experiences. 

We’re constantly searching for new rewards to bring you, and we’d love to hear what you’d like to see added to the BNZ Advantage gallery.

Leave your suggestions, questions and comments here - we’ll be listening.

BNZ Advantage reminds me of a management meeting. Lots of hand waving, lots of promises, but nothing much actually happening. And as for your ‘rewards’ - is there anything that isn’t in the ‘spend a ridiculous amount on item x and we’ll throw in a free roll of toilet paper’ category?

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I get it - so this doesn’t apply to the BNZ Mastercard I have with the word ‘Advantage’ on it (well ‘HomeAdvantage’, to be exact) but it does apply to the BNZ Visa I have which doesn’t have the word ‘Advantage’ on it anywhere!  It’s the Visa which is the ‘BNZ Advantage credit card’.

It would be helpful if you were able to find the access to registering for advantage dining.  I have until the 30 September to do this and I doubt if I will have it sorted by then!!!

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@forhunt I’ve sent you a private message with a some details regarding your BNZ Advantage Dining registration link. 

So you take away the extended warranties and travel insurance etc. And now add a whole lot of not much at all? There’s nothing really included, just the opportunity to spend more.

Cash back feature is good, but otherwise very unimpressed at losing the travel insurance and warranties… Should look at ways to include them.

@brot - I can confirm the insurance benefits and extended warranties are available on the Platinum card.  There is some information on our website which talks about the benefits available on our BNZ Advantage credit cards

I’m happy to look into this further for you, if you’d like to Private Message me with your Access Number? 

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I have already raised this with our personal banker but I was fairly incensed when my husband received the BNZ Advantage Priority " you are a valued customer" letter. We ONLY have joint accounts with the BNZ - credit card, transaction account and term deposit. My husband hasn’t a clue about our finances - I’m the one that has all the dealings with the bank and does all our finances. So how hard would it have been to address the letter to Mr and Mrs C? Shame on the marketing department for getting that one wrong.

Hi ,
Really sorry to hear that we’ve dropped the ball on that one, it definitely was not our intention to cause offense. Will send you a private message to collect your details so I can look into it internally.
BNZ Community Manager