Weird app notifications

Throughout the day, I’m receiving at least 8 push notifications from the BNZ app saying “your transaction has been declined because of the block on your card, if this wasn’t you…… (continues with contact details to call regarding potential scams)

Anyway, what I want to know is why these transactions aren’t showing up (yes, even though declined) on my transactions/statement online or in the app?

I don’t even know what these transactions are from or where.
What do I do because my card is with me and not lost? I just block it as I don’t use it much.

Hi Teetee.

Only pending or completed transactions appear on your account statements and transaction list. Unfortunately there is no option to put declined transactions on your statements/transaction lists.

What I would suggest is contacting our team via the “Contact” option in your BNZ app or via our call centre on 0800 275 269 the next time that notification comes up. The main reason why that notification would appear is if you have turned the card off in the app but then try to use the card in person. If you do suspect there is fraudulent activity happening on your card, get in touch with our team here to look into is asap: 0800 735 901


Hi Teetee.
You could also check to see if some card controls are on/off in the app. If you have ‘turned off’ contactless payments and then try to make a payment that way it will decline it and send you a message. Just an idea worth checking. Cheers Turning contactless payments on and off - BNZ