Warning against BNZ Credit Card Cigna Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

If you’re relying on the cover for upcoming trips, don’t expect them to pay out, they will try every exclusion or piece of fine print they can.

I was in a kiteboarding accident so needed to cancel an upcoming trip, but it was declined by Cigna (BNZ’s credit card travel insurance partner).

I’ve subsequently compared the BNZ credit card travel policy vs travel policies offered by other providers (buying direct) and it definately appears the BNZ one to be a watered down version.

Disappointing, I think it’s time to find a new bank/credit card provider. Slowly watched the benefits with BNZ erode, starting with Airpoints being taken away, the credit card cashback rate being significantly reduced and now the travel policy not paying out.

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Sorry to hear this. Yes the “cancellation before departure” fine print can be extra vague to work in the insurer’s favour when you come to claim. BNZ has reduced its fees though on cards in March, so some upswing.

Sorry to hear about your accident Jesse and your claims experience. I understand you are currently in discussions with the insurers - we hope a resolution is reached and it is sorted for you soon.

In regards to the complimentary cover BNZ provides with your Platinum credit card, do keep in mind this is a group scheme provided for our Platinum card customers underwritten by Cigna which has optional cover add-ons available to purchase to ensure you have the right cover for you personally and your planned travel activities.

BNZ do also provide direct travel insurance for customers to purchase over the phone at 0800 BNZ Travel or online at www.bnztravelinsurance.co.nz

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The first time I went to the Philippines, I was declined coverage because part of my short trip was charity work.
When I went back for a stay there, I didn’t bother with travel insurance. I had a minor accident and paid for the hospital visit.
Travel insurance would have been pointless at that private hospital anyway, let alone a government one. The only payment method they accept is cash and upfront.