Want to swap the accounts that you can access via EFTPOS or ATM machine on your card?

Do it yourself in Internet Banking!

  1. From the main menu select “Cards”
  2. Drag and drop the account you want to access to the “Cheque” or “Savings” slots of your card

Delinking is just as easy – just drag and drop the account off the card.

Internet Banking will even warn you about possible fees if you try to attach a Rapid Save account to your card. A nice touch to prevent fees.


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How does that “ONLINE” slot work please?. Say, if I was to link an account for monthly debit subscriptions/bills (Netflix, Spotify, Skinny Broadband, Apps etc), would fees be taken from that linked account only? …or would it be to the overall card number as normal?.

That would be pretty cool if it’s to the account!..so much easier than how I was managing it with Kiwibank.

Have just joined BNZ (yet to get my EFTPOS/FLEXI cards through mail), so I’m having a good ol’ nosey and play around in here and online banking, hehe.

Any insight would be awesome, thanks.

Hi @nativewun,

That’s correct for your Flexi Debit card. If you change the linked ‘Online’ slot, the payments you set up with the Flexi Debit card would now come out of that linked account.