Voice Contact Inaccessible

In trying to log-in to the BNZ Internet Banking site I’m informed that my NetGuard card has expired.  OK, so I phone the listed customer service number, enter the access code on the phone keys and verbally, and wait, and wait, then get cut off.  I’ve done this five times on that number, sometimes I get a recorded voice message after waiting what seems like 5 minutes to “try again later”.

So, out of desperation I try the “lost and stolen cards” number (since it mentions NetGuard, and presumably one should expect a response in the event that you card is stolen).  Its always busy.

So, I try the business banking number - same problem as the original number.

I’ve wasted over 30 minutes trying to get my issue resolved.  I need to get into the site to retrieve Mastercard statements in order to complete year-end accounts for the GST return etc.  This is urgent.  This automated answering system is not customer-focussed at all - and there’s either something awry with the total phone system today or not enough people available to give personal service.  I’m one highly frustrated customer!

UPDATE - I forgot to mention that I have also filled in a feedback/question form.  The automated acknowledgement informs me that it will take two business days to respond!!!

OK, I notice that they have now posted information indicating that the 0800 number system is experiencing issues.  It would be customer-focussed to offer some non-0800 phone numbers, especially for rural customers, as their solution to the current problem seems to be “visit you local branch”.  Also,  the response time for e-mails needs to be dramatically improved from the stated 2-days.

Hello eapperley, if you could please provide a contact number, we can organise for one of the team to contact you.  I apologise for the issues through the phone lines today, we are working as fast as we can to get this fixed!