Voda fone Support Comment query to you

I tried emailing Community directly but got 2 undeliverable messages -I used info@ etc. Can you please comment on Vodafone’s response .I show below my discussion with their Help Desk.:" Hi, my name is Russel.
Russel: Good afternoon! Welcome to Vodafone’s Mobile Ninja Expert chat services. I will be glad to assist you.
Russel: I have received your query and rest assured I will assist you with.
: Hi Russel . On my PC Outlook that same email goes to correct folder.
On my phone I go to spam select that BNZ Community email and notify Not Spam.
On each individual occasion it is removed from Spam but the next BNZ email will still go to Spam. How do I fix this?
Russel: As per the your question, I would like to inform you that this is issue with BNZ bank server.
: Ok I shall contact BNZ Community staff.
: Regards
Russel: Sure please.
Russel: I would suggest to save the email on contacts from your phone and then it may deliver the emails to the correct folder.

Russel: If still you face the issue, kindly contact the Bank staff.
: It was already in my Phone contacts so I shall contact Bank staff

       It might be  my old Phone – a Samsung Galaxy S2  with Android version 4.1.2

Transferring it from Spam on the phone always is a messy process as the Not Spam option does not automatically display at first.

Your help kindly appreciated.

Hi @NeilF784! Could you please confirm the exact email address you’re trying to send messages to? Thanks, Emma

Hi Emma,

The email address I used was


I must admit I was surprised to see a dot between community and bnz but have rechecked emails I received a number of times

and it shows



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