Visa Platinum FlyBuys Incentive

We recently switched from Home Advantage Mastercard to Visa Platinum as Flybuys was removed from MC .
I was told we would be eligible for 1000 bonus points if we spend a certain amount ($2500) in a three month period, however on reading the fine proint today, I see “the offer does not apply to BNZ Advantage Visa Business or if your current BNZ credit card account is switched to a Platinum or Classic credit card”.
Have we been led astray, as we did switch form another card, but only to continue to receive the benefit of FB.

Hey @nxsta, sorry for the delayed response on this. The bonus points are for new cards and not for switches. If you were advised that you’d be eligible for gaining bonus points by switching cards we’ll need to follow up on who advised you of this. Do you remember the name of the staff member you spoke to? Thanks.

Hi LawrenceI have no clue … was dealing with call centre … i made a comment along the lines of the bonus points was appealing and also went for the platinum card (more points) after establishing that as a premium customer the fees would be waived.I guess it was more a case of not being told any different and it is only due to looking at the ts and cs recently have i realised i was ineligible :(As advised, the switch was because my mastercard stopped offering flybuys, so it wasnt a case of trying to take advantage of the fb bonus offer …it was to continie to receive the rewards we had been getting

Hi Nicky, I’ve escalated this to the relevant team member, who will be in touch with you soon. Any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks, Lawrence

Be aware the BNZ Visa platinum cards, while very rewarding if you spend a few bucks, are a one-way street. In other words, once on a Platinum card, they are very reluctant to switch the card back to something more modest.
After I switched our personal banking to another bank (because the BNZ would not accept my newly arrived in the country wife as a joint account holder), the other bank wasted no time in making sure I had their business credit card along with offering other incentives should I wish to switch my business banking to them - so I take it this is the moral of the story.