Visa debit pending transactions


Hi all,

I moved to BNZ from Kiwibank last year and so far I’ve been impressed, however with Kiwibank I was able to see pending transactions for my Visa debit card (such as online purchases or purchases made with Paywave). Is there any reason why the same isnt a feature with BNZ? Would be handy to see the purchase (or atleast just the amount of each hold) until cleared.

Many thanks, Vivian.


Hi @viviankiwi,

We did some work last year to show Pending transactions for Credit Cards, and showing pending Flexi Debit transactions is now in the pipeline.

Hopefully this is not too far off.


Hi @viviankiwi,

Just a quick update - we have started to dig into this one and we are hoping to get it done later this year.



I want to cancelled my pending transcation before it proceed. How can i do that?


Hey @Soata84, if you want to cancel a pending transaction, you would need to speak directly with the merchant that has debited these funds. Pending just means the merchant has debited the funds but has not yet fully processed it on their end or have placed a temporary hold. The bank is unable to cancel pending transactions. Hopefully that helps :slight_smile: