Visa Debit / EFTPOS transaction limits

What are the transaction limits when using the Visa Debit / EFTPOS card overseas?

For example, in NZ the transaction limits are as follows:

For ATM withdrawals NZ$2,000
EFTPOS transactions NZD$10,000
Overseas transactions NZD$2,000 (Flexi Debit Visa only)

But what if I wanted to purchase something whilst overseas on the internet with my Visa Debit card?  Would the transaction limit still be NZD$ 10,000?

The purchase of a flight home, for example :wink:

Hi , I spoke to one of our card analysts who’s explained that there is a blanket limit for ‘card not present’ transactions (for example, online) that is $10,000 per 24 hour period. She said it doesn’t matter where you are in the world when making an online transaction - it’ll be $10,000. She also mentioned that it’s worth noting that some overseas merchants process transactions in their currency so you’d need to make allowances for that too. If you wanted to make a bigger transaction I’d suggest giving us a call to discuss your options!

Oh, and the $2000 overseas transactions limit you listed above it for ATMs too, same limit as in NZ. 


How can I approve an overseas purchase with a flexi debit visa over $2000?