Visa benefits

Do BNZ Visa’s offer the benefits provided by visa USA or do these not apply.

I have a Bank of America Visa that I know these benefit apply to but I was wondering if I use my NZ card would they also apply?

Specificity the rental car CDW on the link above

Please provide some context to your enquiry. Are you a NZ resident or just visiting here?

BNZ’s “Platinum” Visa products [1] come with included travel insurance but to apply for a BNZ Visa you would have to be resident here, in which case travel insurance would not apply locally.

There is no credit card I am aware of with domestic Collision Damage Waiver available. As far as I can tell rental car companies make a small fortune out of that.

  1. BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum and BNZ Advantage Visa Business

I’m a New Zealand resident/citizen, I am in USA for 6 months, I have a US credit card that will provide me free CDW but it has a low limit which means I would prefer not to use it for large purchases.

My BNZ credit card is BNZ Advantage Classic, I was hoping that the CDW was a visa worldwide benefit rather than just US issued cards.

Think of Visa and Mastercard as effectively branding and standards schemes. For the most part rewards are set by the card issuer and paid for from their interchange [1] and interest revenues.

I’m appears rental car companies have a preferential merchant rate in the USA [2]. I’m guessing reduced or waived merchant CDW may be a requirement to access this?

  1. Visa NZ Interchange rates and Mastercard NZ Interchange rates

  2. Visa USA Interchange Reimbursement fees (PDF document) - see page 3.