Virtual Prepaid Visa/Mastercard

Not everyone has a credit or debit card, is it possible to generate online prepaid card and number , assign it a dollar value, use it and discard it, without any yearly fee.

HSBC does this in many countries. Helps during online transactions. Also can use NFC on android phones, to pay using these instant cards when you lose your card.

I have often thought of this, and it would be a fantastic idea. It would keep you safe online as well, as you could generate a card number for onetime usages etc…

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This can be done with Air NZ’s OneSmart app.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that OneSmart is backed by BNZ? Could be wrong about this though.

It would work with any but its Air NZ card. Terms & condn of sir nz. Conversion rates of their bank. Also u have to use same number again and again, u just cant change the number dynamically.
Any prepaid card wil be like Air NZ onesmart card, which may not be recharged!

What we are asking for is a dynamic prepaid card which can be discontinued any moment.

The Air NZ OneSmart card is a recharge card - you top up it up if you want to use it.

You also get access to their app, from which you can create virtual Master Card debit cards. When you delete a virtual card and recreate it, it gets a whole new number.

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So you mean to say there is no need for bnz to have this feature. Better do this HSBC or Air NZ. Hmm nice option

Hi @abhina and @caboose014, I’ve shared this thread with the team - thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile:

Any update on this idea ? I would use it

Banking may different in different countries, State bank of India has this as free feature to all of it’s saving bank account customer… It would definitely exciting to see it here

China and India have a lot of advanced transaction products. New Zealand is the First world country whose banks donot want to do it. With china and India, you can do instantenous money transfers even on a weekend, by just utilising mobile phone numbers. Even a basic Nokia 3310 basic could do it.
Stop expecting it here.

Here banks like to complicate things and like to hold the ear from the other hand. Here faster fibre and access to advanced devices is not optimally utilised. Here we have more plans than implementations. Here they want to cap transactions rather than let money chnage hands.