Utterly awful service

On June 21st, I called at your Courtenay Place branch to change the signatories on a non-profit account. I had been told earlier in the week – by your phone helpdesk – that I needed a copy of the organisation’s minutes detailing the changes, and that the new signatories could come in, provide suitable ID and sign.

When I presented the form at the counter and confirmed this was all that was required, I was asked to wait while the trainee assistant checked “with someone senior”. She came back five minutes later to say there was no one senior available, and could she take my name and number and have them call me later that afternoon.

They never called.

Branch phone numbers aren’t listed anywhere so I couldn’t call them. I had to wait.

They never called.

Finally, today, five days later, I called your Helpdesk. Twice. The first time, after a 10 minute wait, I spoke to someone who said she was “just looking into it” then I was cut off.

She didn’t call back.

The second time, after another 10 minute wait, I got through to someone else who said they’d give me the branch’s phone number. “Oh no,” I said, “I’m not going through your infinite wait-time, idiotic phone service again. This is my time you’re wasting. The branch was supposed to call me back FIVE DAYS AGO!”

After confirming they had my number, I hung up. Now I’m waiting for your call …

Hi @zzz,

Firstly, let me just apologise for the experience you’ve had in store and with our contact centre. What you’ve described is unacceptable and I’d like to make sure we rectify what’s happened for you asap.

I can appreciate how frustrating this must be for you, so in order to get this expedited and ensure you do receive a call back as soon as possible, would you mind responding to the private message I’ve just sent you with your access number.


imageI am another victim of non cyber but extortion, and my banker declares account suspension

The extortion results in my safety compromised to my employer

I’m left with no power, telephony nor access to funds.

Been a week & only inaction

Friday I’m in Sydney and will start a new job for PwC. Still bnz gets a janitor, Mr cuthbert to PR stall and deliver nothing

Was forced to leave house sleep in car

Embarrassed to hold a 1.8m portfolio with bnz

I’m good with money how about you be good to your customers

HSBC Have the thumbs up switching with at least a nz herald splash about my hell and bank my crucifier

Hi @Jepponz, I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having with us. I’ve responded to you via private message and requested more info. As soon as I have that I’ll investigate the situation for you. Thanks, Lawrence

I’ve responded