Using the search bar to find and filter transactions

The search bar in the Account Details screen in Internet Banking has some powerful features to help you locate a transaction or groups of transactions.

Typing “in” or “credit” in the search field you can see all transactions where money has entered your accounts.
Typing “out” or “debit” in the search field you can see all transactions where money has left your accounts.

Typing “04/03/2017 to 04/07/2017” will show all transactions that took place between particular dates. Use the date convention dd/mm/yyyy. You can also use the calendar date picker to choose your date range.

Typing a name in the search field will show all transactions between you and that person or organisation. For example, typing “Meridian” in the search field shows just the transactions to Meridian.

Typing “over 200” in the search bar will show all transactions of more than $200.
Typing “less than 200” will show transactions of less than $200.
Typing “between 10 and 200” will show all transactions between $10 and $200.

These same options can be used on the transaction overview on the home page to apply your search across all accounts rather than just one account.

These filters can be used individually or you can combine them.


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I love utilising this feature, cannot wait for this to be added to the mobile app

Wish my power bill looked like that :relaxed:

Would be much better if we could have tabs to select dates, In/Out and auto find as soon as we start typing names. Really handy feature for confirming payments fast.

@daimen There is a little calendar icon to the right of the search transactions where you can pick the date range to save you from typing the dates in. Great how it autofinds matching transactions as you type.

Great features, but does anybody know about this??? The Accounts Details screen doesn’t show the existance of these options!!!
Wouldn’t it be nice, and essential, having a hint button showing the available options?
Also, when applying a filter, the summary (in dollars) is not there. Another essential.
Looking forward to having this implemented.