Urgent international contact

Hey there, I have a very important matter that I need to speak with someone asap regarding money and loan repayments but none of the international numbers are working as I only have a cellphone and no landline.

I’m currently living in Canada trying to reach New Zealand

Am I missing something incredibly obvious here or is there a problem somewhere else down the line?


Hi Mikey, thanks for your message. If you’re not calling from landline, we won’t be able to call collect from it. Please arrange to call us on 0800 275 269 via skype otherwise send us a secure message on internet banking (be aware it could take 1-2 business days before we can response to the message). Thanks, Julia.

Ok, how would I go about setting up a call on Skype? I can’t secure message as my netguard key is back in New Zealand

Hi Mikey, you can set up Skype for free on your laptop or your cell phone and call us through the app. Thanks, Julia.