Union pay, we chat


I would like to know what are the steps to be able to use Union Pay payments, We chat or even Alipay in our Eftpos terminals.

Thank you

Hey @jonfoucher, thanks for the question. I’m afraid we can’t say much on this at the moment, but it’s something we’re watching very closely.

Thanks Laurence for your quick answer.
By any chance, do you have a timeframe when you will have news on this. It’s getting big and lots of businesses are looking for new growth leverages.

I take that back. For now, you can enable payments via Union Pay :slight_smile:
More info: https://www.bnz.co.nz/business-banking/payments/eftpos

Indeed, great to hear. And I assume We chat and Alipay will follow in the future too ?

Like I said earlier, Jon, it’s something we’re watching closely :slight_smile: When we have more news we’ll let you know.

Hi Lawrence,
Things are moving fast with others banks. Any update from your end ?
Thank you

Thanks for following up with us, @jonfoucher. I’m happy to say we are making progress in this area, but I don’t have anything shareable just yet. As soon as I have more I’ll let you know.

Hello I have found a wallet with a few union cards and need to get hold of owner urgently please

Hi there, I have responded to the other message you sent us :slight_smile: - Adina.