UK Bank Account


we are moving to London and want to open an account in London.  We are current BNZ bankers in Auckland but moving to UK on Work Assignment.  Can anyone HELP ??


I know community member @RC has recently had experience moving to London - @RC, do you have any tips for these guys looking to open a bank account in the UK?


Greetings from London!
There are two banks which are easiest for new arrivals to set up accounts with: Lloyds and HSBC. I did my research, and  personally, I went with Lloyds because it Met my needs in terms of Internet banking and personal banking products (but not as good as BNZ sadly!). Most other banks are very strict with the proof of address and proof of income requirements.
One thing I found really surprising, about most banks here, is that they don’t really offer savings accounts which earn interest; and credit cards are a bit harder to obtain (although Visa Debit is the default, so you can still shop online).
Feel free to ask any questions and tag me, I’m happy to help!


How exciting for you to be working in London. I would strongly suggest opening an account pre arrival as unless you have contacts it can be difficult to open an account in the UK. There is a company who assist people going to the UK with bank accounts, SIM cards, tax numbers etc. The package they provide is dependent on the price. The name of the company is 1st Contact - website All the best for your time in the UK.