Txt Message Alerts

I find that txt message alerts seem to come much later now than they used to. They are almost ‘too late’ after the event or transaction, or pre-determined notification. Is this something that can be tweaked or refined?

Hi @Topcat12, what sort of text messages are you talking about? All notifications should come through as soon as they occur (or soon after if they are part of overnight processing jobs).

Have you activated quiet times? If you have this activated you won’t receive any messages between 10pm and 8am. You can turn this off in Settings are under Notifications.

Hi there - thanks for your reply - very helpful. I will keep an eye on my alerts and if I find that there is a delay beyond what I expect I will let you know the details. :slight_smile:

Hi There, the txt message alerts are where I have set up regular alerts on accounts to tell me the balance. The thing is, because I have activated ‘Quiet Times’ the txts that I get after 8am each morning are old balances and are not the current true reflection of the account balance.