Treating small business like garbage

penalizing small business owners

  • By making it so staff in the store can’t deal with anything neither can the business partners team as we don’t make enough money

  • Charging 7% on a 40% equity secured loan so ripping us off

  • Having only one team that can deal with you do anything and take weeks to only respond with “sorry I can’t do it either I don’t know how to use our system”

  • Small business team only open during business hours don’t they realise that’s when I’m working

  • making me increase my lease by 2.5 years which wasn’t needed

I hope no one is foolish enough to fall for their ad campaigns

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Hey @keedwellw, it sounds like you’ve had a really negative experience and I’d like to rectify that for you asap. I’ll shoot you out a private message to discuss this more. Thanks

only took 5 days to reply wow what a good response time you have for your small business customers just proves my point

Hey @keedwellw, apologies for the late response. I’ve passed your comments onto the small business team, who’ve informed they’re currently trying to work through some options with you. As Community isn’t a secure platform I’m afraid there’s not anymore I can do to help you from here, but if you have any further issues or questions you’re welcome to reach out to us here again.

I have a small business and use BNZ as my main bank. Your first point about the branch not being able to deal with business enquiries is very real. But the small business call centre are generally pretty good.