Transferred wrong

Is it possible to recover transfered funds that never ended up in my account? my friend who’s with ANZ sent to an account with the suffix 06 not 067/67 because when she pasted it in, she didn’t realise the suffix had 3 digits. the money wasn’t returned to her and i definitely never got it so it wondering where it ended up? is there even a valid bnz account with 06 as the suffix? will i be able to actually get the money back? Thanks to anyone that can help

Hi @ashshields, if it was just the suffix that was incorrect and the rest of the account number is fine, this should bounce back to your friends account but this would likely take 1-2 business days. If it has been longer than that, I would recommend double checking the full account number this was sent to and get your friend to get in touch with ANZ. Thanks, Jade