TradeMe Phishing Scam – have you seen it?

Hi folks,

We’ve had reports that some of our customers have received an unusual email from TradeMe requesting ‘payment instructions from the seller’ for a ‘Goldair 4 burner hooded BBQ’ purchased at a cost of $1,263. The email looks genuine, but it’s not. It suggests that if the transaction hasn’t been authorised by the recipient, then a full refund will be made just by clicking on the link provided. The email also advises that recipients can go to the ‘Help Center’ and cancel their transaction, again by clicking on the link.

Please do not click on the link! If you receive this email, forward it straight to If you have clicked on the link, call 0800 334 332 immediately.

This is a typical Phishing Scam. Offenders use legitimate looking emails that appear to come from genuine websites or companies, like TradeMe or BNZ. The emails try to elicit information from recipients, such as credit card details, access numbers, usernames or passwords etc. They’ll often do this by asking recipients to confirm their details or click on a link to login. If recipients click on such a link, they’ll be directed to enter those details into a fraudulent website and the scam will begin.

For further information on TradeMe scam alerts, you can visit the TradeMe Trust and Safety Blog at