Tracking down very old international money transfer

I am from UK but lived in NZ between 1998 and 2000
I was a BNZ customer when I lived in NZ.
When I returned to UK I transferred a large sum of money from BNZ to UK.
A query has arisen here to do with this and I would like to track down where the money was sent to in the UK (which account it went into). It would have been transferred around Feb/Mar 2001.
I no longer have a BNZ account and do not have the account details of the account I held when there.
I have my address when I lived in NZ.
Is there anyway this might be possible?

Hi there, just a heads up that I’m following up on this for you now :slight_smile: I’ll get back to you before the end of the day. Cheers,

Thanks, Lawrence.
Any news?

Hi @necevans, I’m very sorry about the delayed response. I’ve been away on annual leave and I completely let this fall off the radar. I’ve gotten an answer from the contact centre and I’m afraid it’s unlikely we would still have your details as it’s been over seven years. There is a chance we might be able to search archive statements though. You’re best bet is to give us a call on +64 4 931 8209. Anything else just let me know :slight_smile: Cheers,