Tracking down very old international money transfer


I am from UK but lived in NZ between 1998 and 2000
I was a BNZ customer when I lived in NZ.
When I returned to UK I transferred a large sum of money from BNZ to UK.
A query has arisen here to do with this and I would like to track down where the money was sent to in the UK (which account it went into). It would have been transferred around Feb/Mar 2001.
I no longer have a BNZ account and do not have the account details of the account I held when there.
I have my address when I lived in NZ.
Is there anyway this might be possible?


Hi there, just a heads up that I’m following up on this for you now :slight_smile: I’ll get back to you before the end of the day. Cheers,


Thanks, Lawrence.
Any news?