Track Your Savings

Setting a savings goals is a neat little feature within IB that provides “at a glance” view of how you are progressing towards your savings goal.

Simply select which account you would like to set a goal for (Everyday or Savings account), select EDIT in top right hand corner and then set the SAVINGS GOAL slider to “ON” - entering the amount you are aiming for.

A green progress bar will indicate how far along you are towards your goal; and will progressively update as the balance changes (or if you change your goal amount).

An easy way to ensure that your keep progressing towards your goal is to set up an automatic transfer into your account. Setting up an automatic transfer

TIP: Another way the “savings goal” feature can be used is to track that your account remains topped up by setting, as the goal, what you want the account balance to stay (or not go below).
Say you want to set aside $2000, by setting your account goal as $2000, instantly the green progress bar will be set to “achieved” indicated by a green tick. You can monitor if you are dipping into your savings when the progress bar starts to drop below your goal.

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