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Any news on an alternative option from BNZ that doesn’t breach the t&cs? Money Map disappeared a long time ago and has never been replaced. The “Be good with money” slogan seems a bit misleading if no tools can be provided that allow you to manage spending and budgets.

IDEA - Budget Planner in Mobile App

Hi @Bensmith12 @trevleyb

with Pocketsmith you have the option to manually upload account transaction export files. It is easy to export your transactions from Internet Banking then upload them into an app like Pocketsmith.

I appreciate it isn’t as easy as having a live feed do that for you, but it does mean there’s no Terms and Conditions breaches while still allowing you the benefit of these apps. Hope that helps a little.



Hi @Bensmith12

We’d love to look at building tools that give you similar insight as pocketsmith - only better. We are having some chats at the moment about how and when we kick that off, so keen for you to tell us what are the key things you need, the things you use that are good but maybe could be better etc.

Some of the tools provided by others feel like good starts, but still have big gaps.


Bnz money tracker

Hi Nick,

It probably depends what type of tools you’d be prepared to build and
whether they would be free or incur a charge to use.

I suppose the simplest starting point is a view of whether I am spending
more than I earn (for a given period, whether that is week/month/year/etc.).

The level underneath to me would be about understanding what you’re
spending your money on (normal type of classification of transactions
activities). It goes without saying you’d want this to be automated as
much as possible and reasonably near time. Messing around with bank
statements isn’t any fun, you have to be really really keen to do it that

From that point it can get a bit more complex, so depends what your
appetite is. For me personally, I’d like the ability to set budgets (e.g.
for costs that I know about) and track against them, to help me understand
how much money I should have available to save/spend and whether things are
working out as planned.

It would also be nice to be able to create some what if scenarios with the
budgets. For example, if I reduced my weekly transport spend or lunch
costs, what difference does that make longer term. Possibly linking to a
savings goal.

I’ll stop there, that’s just my initial thoughts, are we on the same



Keep going ! We are talking about a view of the same kinds of things. One thought we have is that the standard categories other services apply always seem to have a 20% mismatch factor, so we are keen to explore both out of the box bank categories (ones we’d define) but let customers set rules for their own categories.

We are hoping to start putting the proposal together over the coming months, we have a few heavy lifting projects to complete then hoping we can build later in the year.

Appreciate the thoughts you’ve shared, the more we get from you guys the better we can shape what we actually do.



This is exciting! I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

I’d like the ability to set a budget (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), which can be easily created and updated on the app. Expenses could be manually (or automatically?) assigned to each budget category (eg. groceries, fuel, rent) as soon as the money is spent, which will then track exactly how much money is left to spend for that category. I want to quickly see on the app how much is left to spend for each category, similar to how Instant Balances show. At the moment I use lots of YouMoney accounts to do this but I still have to store my budget on a spreadsheet and transfer money manually into the different accounts when I get paid.

I’d also like to see trends across weeks/fortnights/months to see if I’m consistently overspending/overbudgeting on something.

Another handy tool would be to add a target date to savings goals and this magical budgeting tool will tell you how much you need to save each week to reach it in time.

Thanks heaps


Yes, would want the ability to override the automatically assigned categories where applicable and define your own personal ones.

Personally, I don’t mind if it is via a website or app.

As a nice to have, it might be good to get alerts/notifications if you’re about to exceed a defined budget. E.g. warn me when I get to x%, where x is a value I’ve defined.

Some budgets set would be at specific periods, so weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Also good to include expected income as something you could set a budget for, as this helps with any savings goals.

The other trick/complexity is around how to handle multiple accounts and transfers between them. Need to make it easy to avoid double-counting those.

Hope some of that is useful and I look forward to hearing more.


My 10c worth, in addition to the above:

Free is good, but I’d be OK with paying a small amount if I could bring in automatic feeds from other banks. I’ve never had credit card and mortgage with the same bank.
App only would drive me crazy due to screen size.
Something that learns spending habits to forecast outgoings and implications would be great (eg: you seem to spend $xxx at the mechanic every six months - would you like to add this to your forecast outgoings? if you spend like last Christmas you’re not going to get through January)



PocektSmith looks like a great tool, Personally I have a Xero Non-GST Cashbook from my accountant and I love it, I agree “Be good with money” needs some tools to help people be good, despite paying $12/month for Xero its saving me much more than that as I can run a report and view my current of previous months spending vs my average and see why I am sitting so I know if I need to pull back or not and its has really helped me control my overspending on snacks, takeaways, eating out, coffee and alcohol, easily saving me a few hundred a month.


Does this link to bnz accounts though?


The paid Pocketsmith plans offer the feature of a direct link however you would be in breach of the BNZ’s Internet Banking terms and conditions because you’ve passed on your access details to another party. More info here:



Following! Interested! Keen to encourage BNZ to develop something or just work in with another program or app (eg Pocketsmith). I’d emphasise something really simple - IMHO many of the fancy bells & whistles of top commercial apps are of little interest (leastwise not to me!). I’d also encourage something which has both a PC-based program as well as a mobile app. FWIW over the years I’ve used Quicken and in recent years Ace Money Lite. I think my key needs are developing my own annual budget and being able to track expenditure against that. Not sure I want or need much more than that! Cheers!


I have used YNAB for the last 5 years and it does 95% of what I have read in the comments above. Also seems like they have direct bank feeds with ASB. We’re currently with ANZ for personal finance, and BNZ for my company, but would move my personal banking to ASB if I can get the bank feeds to work.