Touch and Go?

We haven’t previously posted on Community about the Mobile Business Banking app, but we’ve been busily adding great features to it to help businesses do their thing, wherever they are.

Now, it’s even quicker to get into the app – and just as secure – since we’ve added Touch ID for compatible iOS devices, and the equivalent fingerprint logins for Androids. The app will check if your device is compatible and guide you through the set up.

Don’t have the right device? You can set up a five digit PIN  instead.

On top of Touch ID, fingerprint login, PINs or passwords, the app, like every other online banking service we offer, also uses what we call ‘second factor authentication’. Activate ‘Mobile NetGuard’ and the device ‘becomes’ your NetGuard token. This means you don’t have to enter a code from the token every time you log in, but that NetGuard is working in the background verifying your device for us.

On the move
So, you’ve got into the app in record time – now what? The app’s focus is about being a companion to Internet Banking for Business, enabling you do critical tasks while you’re out and about. You can create and make one-off payments and transfers, and authorise a range of payment types such as payrolls, direct credits and debits. Plus it’s now possible to authorise payments due today ahead of incoming funds.

You can also check foreign exchange rates, and then authorise any international payments already created in Internet Banking for Business.

The app can be downloaded from the Android and iTunes stores, and you’ll need your Internet Banking for Business log in details and NetGuard token the first time you open it to set everything up.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you want to see on the app, please drop a comment in below.