'Tis the season to be good with money!

The countdown to Christmas is on, and it’s the time of year when even the most seasoned savers and brilliant budgeters can feel the pinch financially. Sharing is caring, so we’ve rounded up some tips and personal examples of how BNZers and their families are planning to be good with money during the silly season - be sure to share yours with us too!

Jessica: “Sustainable suggestion from me - reuse wrapping paper from last year or get your kids to draw on some scrap paper rather than buying expensive wrapping paper”

Lianne: “A financial tip that my husband and I find helpful is to put aside some money (even just a few dollars) each fortnight you get paid. We set aside $25 a fortnight into a Rapid Save account, which seems like a little but adds up to over $600 come Christmas time!!”

Michelle: “Our extended family (12 adults) do a random draw and we buy for only one other adult with a $50 limit. Kids excluded (i.e. all 10 get something from everyone!) of course but it means Xmas presents bill is more managable for everyone”

Anna: “Home made gifts like baking or a special plant. My teenagers made their own gingerbeer last year. Fun thing to do feeding the ‘brew’ each day. My youngest gave me her own version of a ‘foot spa treatment’”

Shannon: “My best tip would be to leave the credit cards at home! I withdraw a set amount of cash for events, that way it’s not so easy to get a bit free and start shouting rounds for everyone. In case of emergency I’ll have an eftpos card with a small amount in an account linked to it”

David: “More of a tip for next year, but I like to set up an account for gifts and have an autopayment putting a bit of money aside each pay week so when it comes to do the shopping each year I’ve got a chunk available to pay off my credit card before the interest free period runs out”

Cathy: “All through the year my husband keeps a list of gift ideas in the notebook on his phone. Then when Christmas or birthdays come around he has a long list of creative ideas. People receive thoughtful gifts and it certainly costs less than the last minute Amazon panic that I normally end up with”