Time zone won't let me access bnz apps


I have just got a new phone, and when I try to access bnz personal or business apps, I receive a message saying time zone setting is not correct. I’ve checked my phone and it is set to auto time zone showing nz daylight saving time


Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting onto the BNZ Mobile apps because of the Time Zone error.
If you are seeing the message ‘New Zealand Daylight Time’, it indicates your settings are set to the manual feature.

Ensure the slider to the left of ‘Automatic date and time’ is on.
Blue on, Grey off (For Android)
Green on, Grey off (For Apple)

Let me know how you get on. Thanks, Althea :slight_smile:


Hi althea, thanks for your reply.

However my date and time is set to automatic and still receiving this message.




Hi @Mdaniels, in that case you’ll probably need to send us a secure message over Internet Banking or give us a call so that we can look into this further for you. Sorry about that. Lawrence

0800 275 269


Hi Lawrence - is there any update on how to solve this issue ?


Hi @coronation, not that I’m aware of. @Nick, is this a known issue and if so is there a fix for it? Or will customers needs to contact us directly to solve it?


Hi Lawrence

I have had three customers so far with this issue - yesterdays was a New to Bank - there just wasn’t a response on the Community how that person’s issue was solved which would help with my customers.



I’ll chase Nick up on this for you :slight_smile:


We had a customer with this problem the other day. If its a brand new phone they have to restart it to allow the timezone to kick in properly. This seemed to have worked for their phone. (iPhone)