This month's charity: Multiple Sclerosis NZ - how you can help!

I am one of the Sustainability and Community Managers here at BNZ and part of my role involves helping out some of our awesome charity customers to fundraise throughout the year. Each month we have a different charity we help out, and this month it is Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand.

To donate to Multiple Sclerosis NZ, you can donate via their webpage here:

BNZers will also be working with Multiple Sclerosis NZ on Wednesday 21 September to collect donations outside some BNZ stores throughout the country - so feel free to support then!

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Hi Jess
Our charity is all about sustainability and community and we would love to be considered, as one of the charities that you support. We have had teams from BNZ at the last 3 Closed For good days and have made a big impact on the community via the cordials mad at our Big Squeeze events on these days.
We have picked at 341 venues so far this year - way over our total for the whole of last year!
Our tracked donations so far are > 21000 kg of fruit; 4042 jars of preserves and 716 bottles of cordial and 9000 pumpkins!
This is all done thanks to the huge generosity of people who share their fruit and volunteer to pick fruit and preserve and help in many ways with marketing and administration.
Plese take a look at what we are doing in Auckland and other cities around New Zealand. or

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Thanks for this - sounds like a great initiative! Will take a proper look and be in touch. Cheers! Jess