This month's charity: Multiple Sclerosis NZ - how can you help?

It’s MS Awareness Week this week: 28 August – 3 September 2017

Funds raised by MSNZ this Appeal will help support our mission to advocate for 4000 people with MS to have access to first world treatment, resources and services to improve their well-being and quality of life as well as reducing the burden of MS on those diagnosed, their carers and families.

Despite MS being one of the most common neurological conditions in NZ it is also one of the most unknown and misunderstood.

Here’s a link to the MSNZ donation page and to the awareness week page.

If you see any MS Street Collectors out on the streets this MS Awareness Week collecting, please consider giving a donation to help Regional Societies continue to provide information, support and individual advocacy to people in their local communities. All funds raised through MS Street Appeals stay within the community.

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