The same questions make updating your insurance torture

Hi guys, I have a burning question. Every time I need to update my insurance I am asked the same questions about my health history. It can take quite some time to remember the details and answer and I’m always worried about missing something as I know this could impact any claims I make in future. The last time I updated my insurance was last year when I stopped work to have a baby. I’m now back at work so need better coverage again. Yet I am asked the same questions dating back far before that. Nothing has changed, why must we cover the same ground again, why can’t I just be asked in relation to the time since I last updated my insurance, and for BNZ to refer to my previous, extensively detailed answers? I have had some health issues over my lifetime but not a great deal, but enough to find this process extremely torturous!

Is BNZ the only place that ask the same health questions every time you update or are other insurers more efficient? It’s just terrible :thumbsdown:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The same problem with BNZ Visa Travel Insurance - even after only a few months I have to go through all the details. This information must be on file.

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I don’t know for sure, but I think it might be a legal requirement to ask the whole set of questions every time. It’s annoying as, but possibly not something banks or insurances companies have a choice about.

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Hey @petimorgan,

Great query - I’m sure other customers have similar thoughts. I flicked a note through to the Insurances team and have included their reply below :slight_smile:

We do appreciate it can be frustrating to re-answer the questions you have previously provided. It is normal for insurers to do this –many (BNZ included) will ask less questions if changes are being made to a policy recently applied for. For BNZ that is within 6 months.

It’s important to answer all questions fully when taking out life insurance, that way you can rely on cover you have taken out. But it can be hard to remember everything. So asking a full set of questions for increases to cover not only helps uncover any changes in your health - which can be significant in a short period of time - and may mean you can’t increase your cover, it also gives you a chance to tell us about things you may have previously forgotten about (which happens quite often).

Thank you for the feedback about how frustrating it is, it has already sparked some discussion about how we could do things differently to get the same results – without causing the frustrations.

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Thanks Yvonne! Great response. I would love to see some improvements in this area. Will be interested to see what changes :slight_smile:

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