The eagle has landed: Mobile update now available


Last week we told you about what you can expect from the latest update for our mobile app (Touch ID! PIN Login! Instant balances for Apple Watch!)

Good news - the update for iOS users is now available in the Apple Store. Get in, update the app, and let us know what you think.

Android update to follow soon :slight_smile:




The keypad in the password section doesn’t allow to enter any symbol, for example , I have a symbol * in my password. So I can’t log in the app. Please fix. This is only an issue for iphone app, it appears Android and ipad app are all good.


I also use iphone and android app, it’s a pretty good app. But very frustrating I can’t use it on my iPhone, and I don’t want to change my password. Hope it can be fixed.


Hi @jz, Sorry to hear you are having an issue logging into the iOS app.
BNZ passwords have to be between 6 and 8 characters, alphanumeric and we don’t allow special characters, like the ‘*’ symbol.

Unfortunately, when someone sets up a password we stop recording what they are typing after 8 characters, this is a bug on our side that we will look at.
So although, some people think they have a special character in their password, they actually don’t. Sorry for the confusion, this is our fault.

If you try again on the iOS app and omit the ‘*’ you should be able to login.

On the Android, we do have the ‘*’ in the keyboard but if you look at the password field when you hit it, nothing is being recorded.


We are doing some work on passwords, you will be able to add special characters and go past 8 characters, in the future.



I see, I can log in now, lucky my first 8 characters are all numbers !

My password is 13 characters long haha :slight_smile:


Awesome update - looooove it!
I think it would be really cool to have Pull to Refresh when you’re inside the app, on the main screen for YouMoney. So if you transfer money, make a payment externally (say on a computer while your phone is in front of you) and the want to check the payment has been done, you have to log out and log back in to check. If you could pull to refresh from the top and it refreshes your balances, that would be very cool.


Hey JZ - Glad it’s working for you now.
Cheers, Eric.


Just a bit of feedback for iPhone app… Would love a feedback tab within the app to send through feedback (opposed to this), also when using pin login option it would be great if numbers did sumthing when they were touched. At the moment it’s a bit weird how they don’t respond at all.


Hi @bma_87,
Thanks for the feedback. Both ideas are good and have a lot of customer value.
Giving feedback when you tap on the PIN keypad, should be a quick win, we will try to get this out with our next major release.



Thanks for the reply! I didn’t get a notification that you did though, I just happened to sign in because I got kudos on another post :frowning:


@Eric, it’s really good to hear you will be improving passwords in future! The current limitations are very frustrating. I know it’ll be a long time before we see such core infrastructure upgraded but the efforts will be very much appreciated :slight_smile:


@brad - That’s right, it’s a big project, but we’ll get there.


Any time frame for the android release?


@Sam01 - Pin for Android will be out this week.


@Sam01 - PIN for Android has just been released. You should be able to download it from Google Play within the next couple of hours!


Any reason why the pin for the app is different from my telephone banking pin? Seems an unnecessary complication


@Alexis Mobile PIN is set per device, there is no global Mobile Banking PIN. We did this to make it easier for customers to self manage their own PIN. Having said that, you can set your Mobile Banking PIN to be the same as your Telephone Banking PIN.



Hi @bma_87,

Giving tap feedback, when you use the PIN keypad, has gone out with the latest release.
Hope you like it.