Text Messages for Credit Card transactions

Now that BNZ credit cards feature real-time pending transactions, it should be a relatively small step to offer text messages alongside.

It may not appeal to all, but I like the idea of passively being notified of transactions. Can also alert you immediately of unauthorized use?

One step further, and you could show exchange rate and dollar value for travellers when paying in a foreign currency.

Hi @ouq77 - We are going to look at a whole host of notifications in the not too distant future, and how we will deliver these. Potentially this could be an app notification or text message. When we do this, notifications for transactions will be on the list.

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have you seen the new things ASB are offering with their credit cards when will BNZ be able to provide these
You can turn on and off features of your card
all from the bank app
If you lose your card you can lock it within seconds
set spending limit
turn off ATM Cash withdrawls
Turn on/off Paywave
turn off international transactions
turn off online transactions
I love BNZ would never change banks but hoping we can get this for our Credit cards it would be great
Smiles :slight_smile: