Telegraphic transfer and international department

I HAVE BEEN HAVING SOME MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH THE TRAINING AT BNZ for customer service and the International Centre for Manual TT’s. I’ve recently written this email on the feedback page, and dont know if any one else has had problems like this.

"These monthly calls to your call centre and to Birkenhead branch is becoming so frustrating. For the past 4 or so years now I have been coming into the Birkenhead branch to do manual TT to Zimbabwe. I’ve had Linda at your Birkenhead Branch who has helped me on occasions when the business section she works in wasn’t busy, and she has been amazing, her customer service is great, she always gives me undivided attention, and after I leave the branch she will make sure to do a follow up call to your international section and then another call to me to let me know she the Transaction is done. I have not got this from any of your other tellers, and I know everyone works differently, some just for the money others like Linda that actually care about the customer and the branch. I spoke to the branch manger a year or more ago to ask if there were other tellers who could get some training with these TT’s, but patience being one of my vitues, allowed me to move past the fact that nothing was done and each month if Linda is not there to direct and instruct what they need to do it can be a really frustrating time for me. I called your call centre who made me hold for 34 minutes and eventually I asked him to stop trying to help when he was unable to and put me through to the Branch itself. Here the Asian teller you have at the desk who was meant to do my TT on 5th April, because very defensive and stroppy, that I asked to speak to A, here I told her my concerns and frustrations and she usually very nice when I call in the branch, doesn’t really do any follow up on these TT’s and for the past 4 or so months I have had to call into the branch to ask why the TT had not gone through, only then would I see something being done. If you have a look at every transfer you will find I ask to be notified when the TT has been done, but no one ever calls or even makes that attempt to go the extra mile.

In my country, if you don’t have money you die, no doctors no medication will be issued, my mum old and sickly and needs these funds every month to keep her alive, it might not mean anything to you, but the services you say you offer allow me to send the money to her. With some teller is goes the same night, with others they just don’t care. If my mum had to die because she couldn’t get her medication in time because your branch cant be bothered to commit to the service, I will make such a big deal about this, you have no idea.

Another thing, A. called me to say they had did their side but your International dept “LOST IT OR WHATEVER” Oh my Gosh. If I wasn’t already in tears from worrying about mum, she might have gotten another mouth full.

I will be sending this email to your international branch or whoever I can to make certain this behavior stops happening and your services are honored by your staff.

Some things never change
Good luck!

Stephene, Do you have Internet Banking? If you do, you could set up the International Transaction yourself and that would then be on your beneficiary list and then you could make regular TT’s from your Internet Banking without having to go to the store, giving you more flexibility and control.