Technical issue

I rung BNZ today about a technical issue with the phone banking app.
Do you have a phone number I can contact them on. The guy wouldn’t give me one.
I have a credit card and the phone banking app says there is a zero balance but a minimum payment is actually listed along with a due date.
That amount is not in sync with the online website banking because that says zero balance and no minimum payment due.
You customer support person didn’t understand what I was meaning.
The problem is the phone banking app is not correctly syncing with the account details that are displayed on the website.
Or could I have a virus on my phone. The phone is quite old but I was able to log into it fine and I can click into the details of the account and everything else works on the phone.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the error is can’t download app -error code 907

Hi @Ford,

We show the minimum payment in two places, as per the below image. One is in the details above the pay now button, this amount should update as you make payments. The other is in the statement details, here we are showing all the details as per your last statement, so this will only update once you get another statement.

If the issue is with the first amount, please let me know, as this should not happen.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have mobile related issues, you can send me a message via community.


Hi, There was zero in the top part and the closing balance was zero.
Its the minimum payment (bottom part) that had an amount of $700.00 on the phone banking app.
Underneath that was the Payment due date which said 29th July 2016. That also was not on the normal online internet banking. The last statement was more than a year ago.
On the online banking the statement date says July but its zero.
The issue is that the banking app and the online banking via a PC are not syncing correctly.

Now the internet banking is locked.