Technical fault or broken culture?


I have sent several job applications to you via job postings on

I have never once received a reply. Not even a rejection email.

I have written to your bnz_careers to find out what the status of my job applications is - and get no response.

Is there something technically broken at BNZ? Or your culture so broken that it is deemed acceptable to treat people who apply for your jobs like this?

May I request that the BNZ talent acquisition team please show job applicants the respect and dignity that they deserve. Its it not that difficult to send an email to let them know the status of their job application.

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Anton, this definitely isn’t the experience we would want any of our candidates to have and I know the team will be disappointed to hear this. I’ve established contact with someone within HR and they’d like to talk to you directly. Please message me your contact details and we’ll reach out to you asap to find out what’s happened and to rectify this negative experience for you. Thanks, Lawrence