Support some awesome charities via BNZ Online banking – this month it’s Victim Support

I am one of the Sustainability and Community Managers here at BNZ and part of my role involves helping out some of our awesome charity customers to fundraise throughout the year. Each month we have a different charity we help out, and this month it is Victim Support. To donate to Victim Support and help them with the great work they do you can either:

  • Go straight to their donate page here and make a donation via credit card:
  • Use BNZ Internet Banking! We have made it nice and easy for you to set up Victim Support as a payee in internet banking, so you can donate easily now, and in future again if you like! Just follow these steps:
    o From Quick Pay click on All Payees then click New Payee. Type Victim Support in the payee box and choose them from the drop down – then fill in whatever payee details you would like and go ahead with your donation!
    o If you would like to receive a donation receipt from Victim Support, email them via this address with the details of your donation and they will hook you up:

Other charities we support during the year include Plunket, Age Concern, Cure Kids and Kiwis for Kiwi. You can find and add any of them (and others!) as a payee at any time using the process above.

Happy donating!