Strange amounts on my BNZ statement matter not rectified by BNZ


Has anyone else had any problems with their credit card statement? I received my statement with $3.74 owing. The statement then said I had a minimum payment to make of $25. However, there is nothing on my statement that justifies this minimum payment requested ie I do not have anything owing apart from the $3.74. When my new card was sent out, there was also no notification from BNZ about it. Consequently my card went missing for over a month. BNZ did nothing about this. As yet BNZ refuses to correct the amount on my statement and when I ring them I have had to wait for at least an … I’m still waiting! Has anyone else had such goings on happen to them? Thinking I’ve been hacked or something. But will BNZ expect me to pay the $25.00?
Or the $75 as appears on my mobile statement.

Hi Win1, I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your card and the wait times you’ve experienced. I’ve just sent you a private message to help get this resolved asap for you :slight_smile: