Statements - why and what for?

We spend a fair bit of time making statements accessible inside internet banking.  In our new Internet Banking (aka YouMoney) we have also put heaps of time into giving customers access to more transactions in an easier way.  

My questions are for those that use statements.  

What do you use them for?

Why do you need to look at the statement rather than just viewing all the transactions for each account for the same period? 

Is there something you need out of them that you can’t find just looking at your transactions?

Do you just need an easier way to get the information to someone else?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

how do i download my online statements in a excel format for my accountant

@corrina depends where you are doing it.  If you are on YouMoney just open up the account, click “More” button at the top of the window and you will see “Export Transactions” option.  CSV format will open in Excel for you. 

If you are using our old internet banking, just open the account view and you will see an “Export Transactions” button beside your account balance.
Hope that helps.
Would it be useful if we created an “Email Statement” or “Email Transactions” inside internet banking so you could just enter your Accountant’s email address ?

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yes i think that would be helpful but only if you were able to choose the format the statements were emailed in

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@corrina do you know what formats work for your accountant? Do they just need a transaction list for a date range or something more than that ?