Statements online available online

Restriciting statements to be available online online. This is a nice step but a messy one.

All banks around the world, send an email with a pdf attachment with a pwd lock basically with an auto generated password -combo of some personal info.
This helps in checking the statements without logging into net banking from remote unknown wi-fis, helps elderly and is easier.

I request, that statements be sent as password protectee pdfs, anyways all paper statements coming to a letterbox,never had a password.

I don’t want PDFs

I’d like to be able to download spreadsheets of any date range I choose in Excel or Google Sheets format.

This allows me to do stuff with my banking records. A PDF can only be looked at. Not used to budget, etc.

They should have an option to select which all formats will come attached or whether you do not want anything attached, just send an intimation.

I get PDF statments emailed to me from Kiwibank and they aren’t password locked.

They should be password locked.
Though their doesnot seem to be a requirement.
I would prefer a dynamic options on formats that I want to be emailed to me, and most microsoft and pdf applications can be easily password locked at file level.

I refer to your letter dated 28th June 2016 in which you stated that paper statements will no longer be sent to me from 26th June 2016 and on-line statements are obtainable and stored within Internet Banking.

I would like to inform you that I am not able to log in my internet banking because my NetGuard Card has expired and your bank has never sent a replacement NetGuard Card to me to my registered address after its expiry.

Also, I am in Hong Kong and I have been trying to call +64 4 931 8226 to order a replacement NetGuard Card but there is no one answering my call after waiting for 5 mins.

While I appreciate your love for the environment, I am quite frustrated that my right to obtain my bank statements has been infringed due to your environmental protection policy and your failure to send a replacement NetGuard Card to my registered address so that I can access my internet banking.

What can I do in order to get access to my internet banking??

Call them and get it reset. They do answer the phone, I find the earlier in the day, the less wait you have

Call them and get a waiver enabled till they get you your new grid card. I also note that there is no messaging or contact email option where you can send an email from your registered email id, so they can call you back.