Start Up/Stand Up: Meet the Finalists!

After launching Start Up/Stand Up in February 2016 and receiving pitches from start-ups all over New Zealand, we’re finally ready to announce the finalists. Pitch Coach Cori Gonzalez-Macuer is all over it – he’s spent time with the businesses, worked with them on their pitches, and is helping them boil it down to pitch gold.  Meet the Start Up/Stand Up finalists:

The Sea

The four Habgood sisters stumbled across the idea for their start-up while on the search for something else: a date for their mum.

When a Facebook post seeking genuine and eligible bachelors to set up with their long-time-single mum went viral, the sisters were inundated with requests from other people who wanted help finding love. “New Zealand’s high divorce rate mean there are thousands of single adults out there. A lot of these people find it easy to set up a dating profile and get back out there, but at lot of these people don’t,” says co-founder Hannah Habgood.

“The Sea enables the children and friends of these people, the ones who know and love them most, to do the looking for them.”

A crowd-sourcing twist on the traditional dating site, on The Sea people can set up a profile for anyone they love and talk with other people who set up a profile for their friend or family member, to set them up.

Webby Brothers Limited

Brothers Paul and Simon Webby dreamed their start-up into existence over a casual bet on a football game in the pub. “Small gambles over trivial things is a bit of a laugh,” says Paul, and that’s where their app ‘IsIt’ comes in. IsIt lets users create ‘this or that’ style challenges and bet a dollar on just about anything you want. Sharing the bet with friends means everyone can get involved, spicing up ad-hoc challenges. “IsIt’s target audience is the casual player,” Paul says. “Someone looking to make challenges a little more real.”

This Auckland-based start-up describes themselves as a ‘creative technologies research and development collective’ with an enthusiasm for capturing real-world environments and performances for virtual reality and media consumption. “We can basically capture reality and deliver an immersive photo-realistic experience via virtual reality headsets,” says creative director and founder Simon Che de Boer. “In a nutshell, we are streamlining VFX and capture technologies – allowing us to deliver presence in many forms, a ‘being there’ sensation.”

Watch all the StartUp StandUp episodes here, and to see Pitch Coach Cori Gonzalez-Macuer in action in Auckland and Wellington at the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival.